Business on the Gold Coast

The economy

The Gold Coast economy has diversified to knowledge-based industries including health, ICT, advanced manufacturing, education and professional services. Currently the Gold Coast economy is valued at $ 37.24 billion and over the next 10 years the city is expected to grow to an employment base of almost 300,000 people

Digital infrastructure

The City of Gold Coast is the first council in Australia to invest in a carrier-grade fibre optic network.

This network has enabled the City to implement free Wi-Fi to enhance visitor experience, implement smart city initiatives, strengthen connectivity and entice trade to more than 50,000 local businesses.

Asia-Pacific hub

The Gold Coast has cemented strong international relationships with Asia-Pacific markets, stimulating trade, investment, cultural exchange, education and tourism.

Two international airports service the city, Gold Coast and Brisbane, with direct routes to all major Australian cities and key locations across Asia, the Middle East, US and the Pacific.

Cutting ‘red-tape’

The City of Gold Coast is committed to creating an environment that supports local businesses.

Council have experts available to help navigate three levels of government, with a focus on streamlining business needs.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Home to global technology companies, inventive startups, cutting-edge universities and supportive city leaders, the Gold Coast aims to lead the way in innovation.

The Gold Coast provides real opportunities to reduce overheads and establish a competitive business proposition nationally and internationally.